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bellewstownGood - yielding

16.05Awards And Gifts Claiming Maiden 28 CLASS 0 3YO+ 7f 168y0
16.35Foran Equine Irish Ebf Auction Maiden 31 CLASS 0 2YO 7f 168y0
17.05P&M Green Energy Cottages Handicap (45-65) 91 CLASS 0 3YO+ 7f 168y0
17.35Phil Kierans Memorial Maiden 20 CLASS 0 2YO 5f0
18.05Holcroft Motors Drogheda Hill Sprint Handicap (45-65) 37 CLASS 0 3YO+ 5f0
18.35Betvictor bellewstown 20 CLASS 0 3YO+ 1m 3f 168y0
19.05Betvictor Handicap (45-70) 51 CLASS 0 3YO+ 1m 3f 168y0

catterickGood-good to soft in places

14.20Oops A Daisy Florists Median Auction Maiden Stakes 19 CLASS 5 2YO 5f0
14.50Yorkshire Dales Distillery Handicap 21 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 5f 192y0
15.20Secret Spa Fillies' Novice Stakes 12 CLASS 5 3YO+ 7f 6y0
15.50Ernest Norris (1919-1992) Memorial Handicap 17 CLASS 4 3YO+ 7f 6y0
16.20La Fille Rouge Handicap 10 CLASS 4 3YO 1m 4f 13y0
16.55Black Bull Inn Moulton Handicap 21 CLASS 6 3YO+ 5f 212y0
17.25Millbry Hill Country Store Handicap 24 CLASS 5 3YO+ 5f 212y0

kemptonStandard to slow

17.55British Stallion Studs EBF Fillies' Novice Stakes (Plus 10) 24 CLASS 5 2YO 1m0 Handicap 23 CLASS 4 3YO 1m0
18.5532Red Casino Maiden Stakes 22 CLASS 5 3YO+ 7f0
19.25100% Profit Boost At Fillies' Handicap 17 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 3f 219y0
19.5532Red On The App Store Handicap 16 CLASS 4 3YO+ 1m 2f 219y0
20.2532Red Handicap 11 CLASS 4 3YO 1m 7f 218y0
20.55Bet At Handicap 19 CLASS 6 3YO 6f0

lingfieldGood-good to firm in places

14.00Rahman Ravelli Handicap 23 CLASS 6 4YO+ 1m 3f 133y0
14.30Visit Claiming Stakes 9 CLASS 6 3YO 1m 1f0
15.00Happy Birthday Steve Eldridge Handicap 18 CLASS 6 4YO+ 2m 68y0
15.30Roadmarking Excel Supporting Demelza House Selling Stakes 14 CLASS 6 3YO+ 6f0
16.00Injured Jockeys Fund EBF Fillies' Novice Median Auction Stakes (Plus 10) 22 CLASS 5 2YO 7f0
16.30Sky Sports Racing On Virgin 535 Nursery 16 CLASS 6 2YO 7f0
17.00Witheford Equine Barrier Trials At Lingfield Handicap 22 CLASS 6 3YO+ 6f0

musselburghGood to firm-good in places

14.10French Duncan Bibby Factors British Stallion Studs EBF Maiden Stakes (Plus 10) 18 CLASS 4 2YO 7f 33y0
14.40Dorothea Hawthorne Memorial Handicap 19 CLASS 4 3YO+ 5f 1y0
15.10Catherine And Charlotte Roache Handicap 18 CLASS 6 3YO 5f 1y0
15.40EBF Stallions Winners Fillies' Handicap 16 CLASS 4 3YO+ 7f 33y0
16.10Aiua Handicap 19 CLASS 6 3YO 1m 208y0
16.40Witherbys Handicap 12 CLASS 6 4YO+ 2m 2f 28y0
17.10Mr And Mrs Smith Handicap 15 CLASS 5 3YO 1m 4f 104y0

worcesterGood-good to firm in places

16.45Youthcomm Radio Handicap Chase 17 CLASS 4 5YO+ 2m 110y12 FENCES0
17.15Heming Group Handicap Chase 15 CLASS 3 4YO+ 2m 7f16 FENCES0
17.45Local Parking Security Mares' Standard Open NH Flat Race 13 CLASS 5 4YO-6YO 2m0 Handicap Hurdle 11 CLASS 4 4YO+ 2m 7f12 HURDLES0
18.45Local Parking Security Juvenile Hurdle 25 CLASS 4 3YO 2m8 HURDLES0 Maiden Hurdle 22 CLASS 5 4YO+ 2m8 HURDLES0
19.45Local Parking Security Mares' Handicap Hurdle 17 CLASS 4 4YO+ 2m 4f10 HURDLES0

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