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beverleyGood to soft-good in places

12.00British Stallion Studs EBF Maiden Auction Fillies' Stakes (Plus 10/GBB Race) 17 CLASS 5 2YO 5f0
12.35Churchill Tyres Handicap 31 CLASS 6 3YO+ 5f0
13.10Pure Broadband Maiden Handicap 15 CLASS 6 3YO 2m 32y0
13.40134th Year Of The Watt Memorial Handicap 9 CLASS 4 3YO+ 2m 32y0
14.10George And Frankie McCormick Handicap 31 CLASS 5 3YO+ 7f 96y0
14.40Churchill Tyres A Great British Brand Handicap 28 CLASS 4 4YO+ 7f 96y0
15.10Welcome Back To Racehorse Owners Handicap 32 CLASS 5 4YO+ 1m 1f 207y0
15.40National Horseracing College Handicap 38 CLASS 6 3YO 1m 1f 207y0

chepstowGood to soft

12.15Rogiet Handicap 15 CLASS 6 3YO+ 5f 16y0
12.45Tintern Novice Median Auction Stakes 24 CLASS 5 2YO 6f 16y0
13.20Shirenewton Handicap 18 CLASS 6 3YO+ 6f 16y0
13.50Stroat Handicap 24 CLASS 6 4YO+ 7f 16y0
14.20Erigeron Fillies' Handicap 22 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 14y0
14.50Barradon Handicap 29 CLASS 5 3YO 1m 2f0
15.20Darrington Handicap 22 CLASS 5 4YO+ 1m 2f0
15.50Usk Maiden Stakes 29 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 4f0

haydockGood to soft

16.55Allium Handicap 43 CLASS 5 3YO 1m 2f 42y0
17.25British Stallion Studs EBF Novice Stakes 42 CLASS 5 2YO 6f0
17.55Winwick Handicap 19 CLASS 4 4YO+ 6f0
18.25Rainford Handicap 19 CLASS 4 3YO 1m 6f0
18.55Tapster Stakes (Listed) 17 CLASS 1 3YO+ 1m 3f 140y0
19.25Marlen Roberts Conditions Stakes 19 CLASS 3 3YO+ 6f 212y0
19.55Introducing RacingTV Maiden Stakes 46 CLASS 5 3YO+ 6f 212y0
20.25Agapanthus Handicap 31 CLASS 5 4YO+ 7f 212y0

kilbegganGood to firm (C & G) Maiden Hurdle 23 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m8 HURDLES0
17.15Follow Kilbeggan On Instagram Mares Hurdle 15 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m8 HURDLES0
17.45Follow Kilbeggan On Twitter Handicap Hurdle (80-116) 31 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m8 HURDLES0
18.15Follow Kilbeggan On Facebook Handicap Hurdle (80-109) 16 CLASS 0 4YO+ 3m 1f0
18.45Tullamore Beginners Chase 24 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 6f14 FENCES0
19.15Mullingar Handicap Chase (0-102) 19 CLASS 0 4YO+ 3m 1f16 FENCES0

leicesterGood to soft-soft in places

16.35Oadby Novice Stakes 17 CLASS 5 3YO+ 5f0
17.05Wigston Handicap 39 CLASS 6 3YO+ 7f0
17.35Wistow Handicap 21 CLASS 4 3YO 7f0
18.05Kibworth Harcourt Median Auction Maiden Stakes 34 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 53y0
18.35Somerby Handicap 29 CLASS 4 3YO+ 1m 53y0
19.05Ratby Handicap 44 CLASS 6 3YO+ 1m 53y0
19.35British Stallion Studs EBF Novice Stakes 32 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 2f0
20.05Thurnby Handicap 22 CLASS 6 4YO+ 1m 3f 179y0


13.00Well Done To All Frontline Staff From Limerick Racecourse Fillies Maiden (Plus 10) 18 CLASS 0 2YO 6f 150y0
13.30Patrickswell (C & G) Maiden (Plus 10) 16 CLASS 0 2YO 6f 150y0
14.00Adare Fillies Maiden (Plus 10) 36 CLASS 0 3YO+ 7f0 Maiden (Plus 10) 37 CLASS 0 3YO+ 1m0
15.00Newcastle West Apprentice Handicap (45-65) 29 CLASS 0 4YO+ 1m0
15.30Askeaton Handicap (45-65) 38 CLASS 0 3YO 1m0
16.00Kilmallock Handicap (45-75) 28 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 1f0

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