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cartmelGood to soft-soft in places

14.05Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Novices' Hurdle 5 CLASS 4 4YO+ 2m 6f 31y11 HURDLES0
14.40Sharon Stanton 50th Birthday Celebrations Juvenile Hurdle 9 CLASS 4 3YO 2m 1f 46y8 HURDLES0
15.15Coral Handicap Chase 7 CLASS 2 4YO+ 2m 1f 61y12 FENCES0
15.50Smart Money's On Coral Handicap Chase 4 CLASS 2 4YO+ 3m 1f 107y18 FENCES0
16.25Peter Todd's Birthday Celebration Handicap Chase 7 CLASS 3 4YO+ 2m 5f 34y14 FENCES0
17.00Smart Money's On Coral Handicap Hurdle 8 CLASS 2 4YO+ 3m 1f 83y12 HURDLES0
17.35Swan Hotel & Spa Handicap Hurdle 9 CLASS 5 4YO+ 2m 6f 31y11 HURDLES0

chepstowGood-good to firm in places Responsible Gambling Handicap 6 CLASS 4 3YO+ 6f 16y0 Online Betting Apprentice Selling Stakes 6 CLASS 6 3YO-5YO 6f 16y0 Online Betting Fillies' Novice Auction Stakes (Plus 10) 5 CLASS 5 2YO 7f 16y0 Betting EBF Novice Stakes (Plus 10) 8 CLASS 4 2YO 7f 16y0
16.20Hot Tubs Splash And Dash Handicap 14 CLASS 6 3YO+ 7f 16y0
16.55Sir Gordon Richards Handicap (Sponsored By Heath House Stables) 4 CLASS 3 3YO+ 2m0 Handicap 14 CLASS 6 3YO 1m 4f0


14.15A J C Group Newcastle Maiden Hurdle 7 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 2f 165y9 HURDLES0
14.50Ulster Carpets Handicap Hurdle (80-95) 10 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 2f 165y9 HURDLES0
15.25Dr. E.F. Logan OBE Memorial Giltspur Scientific Handicap Hurdle 11 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 5f 160y10 HURDLES0
16.00Charles Caldwell Memorial Maiden Hurdle 8 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 5f 160y10 HURDLES0
16.35Maneerat & Vincent Caldwell Wedding Anniversary Beginners Chase 8 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 3f 55y14 FENCES0 Most Appropriately Dressed Lady Win A Trip To The Dominican Republic Handicap Chase 14 CLASS 0 4YO+ 2m 3f 55y14 FENCES0 Best Dressed Man Win A Greek Island Cruise Flat Race 7 CLASS 0 4YO-7YO 2m 2f 165y0


13.55British Stallion Studs EBF Maiden Auction Stakes (Plus 10) 8 CLASS 4 2YO 7f 3y0
14.30Poundland Family Favourite Handicap 7 CLASS 5 3YO 6f 3y0
15.05Poundhound Doggy Dash Handicap 8 CLASS 2 3YO+ 5f0
15.40Amateurs' Derby Handicap (Gentleman Amateur Riders) 8 CLASS 4 4YO+ 1m 4f 6y0
16.15Walter Nightingall Conditions Stakes 3 CLASS 3 3YO+ 1m 2f 17y0
16.50Poundland Summer Blow Out Handicap 5 CLASS 3 3YO+ 1m 2f 17y0
17.25Poundland Saves The Day Handicap 7 CLASS 4 3YO+ 1m0


14.10Tony Pyke 60th Birthday Selling Stakes 13 CLASS 6 2YO 6f0
14.45Yorkshire Air Ambulance Handicap 7 CLASS 5 3YO 1m 1f 170y0
15.20Billy Nevett Memorial Handicap 5 CLASS 3 3YO 1m 1f 170y0
15.55British Stallion Studs EBF Ripon Champion Two Yrs Old Trophy Stakes (Listed) 7 CLASS 1 2YO 6f0
16.30Ripon Rowels Handicap 9 CLASS 2 3YO+ 1m0
17.05Theakstons Beer 'N' BBQ Festival 28th September Maiden Stakes 7 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 1f 170y0
17.40AJA Novice Flat Amateur Riders' Handicap 10 CLASS 6 4YO+ 1m 2f 190y0


13.50Sky Sports Racing On Sky 415 Handicap 14 CLASS 6 3YO+ 7f 14y0
14.25MSR Newsgroup Handicap 11 CLASS 5 3YO+ 6f 16y0
15.00Visit EBF Novice Stakes 11 CLASS 5 2YO 4f 214y0
15.35Darren & Evelyn Lake Memorial Handicap 9 CLASS 3 4YO+ 4f 214y0
16.10Sky Sports Racing On Virgin 535 Handicap 12 CLASS 6 3YO+ 1m 4f 14y0
16.45Follow At The Races On Twitter Novice Stakes 6 CLASS 5 3YO+ 4f 214y0
17.20Watch Sky Sports Racing In HD Handicap 9 CLASS 6 3YO+ 2m0

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