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curraghGood to Yielding

17.45Irish Stallion Farms European Breeders Fund Fillies Maiden (Plus 10) 15 CLASS 0 2YO 7f0
18.15Irish Stallion Farms European Breeders Fund (C & G) Maiden (Plus 10) 11 CLASS 0 2YO 7f0
18.45Irish Stallion Farms European Breeders Fund 'Ragusa' Handicap (Premier Handicap) 10 CLASS 0 3YO+ 1m 4f0
19.15Troytown Grey Abbey Veterinary Hospital Irish European Breeders Fund Median Auction Maiden 15 CLASS 0 3YO-4YO 1m0
19.45Tote Rockingham Handicap (Premier Handicap) 17 CLASS 0 3YO+ 5f0
20.15Curragh Supporting County Kildare Twinning Apprentice Derby 21 CLASS 0 3YO+ 1m 4f0
20.45Silken Thomas & Lock 13 Irish European Breeders Fund Maiden 9 CLASS 0 3YO+ 1m 2f0

hamiltonGood to Firm (Good in Places) Saints & Sinners Amateur Riders' Handicap 8 CLASS 5 4YO+ 1m 5f 16y0
18.35BB Foodservice EBF Maiden Stakes (Plus 10) 7 CLASS 4 2YO 6f 6y0
19.05Nine Wholesale, Free To Perform Selling Handicap 11 CLASS 6 3YO+ 5f 7y0
19.35Thistle Bloodstock Maiden Stakes 6 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 1f 35y0
20.05Captain J C Stewart Fillies' Handicap 8 CLASS 4 3YO+ 1m0
20.35Patersons Of Greenoakhill Handicap 7 CLASS 4 3YO+ 5f 7y0
21.05Racing TV Profits Returned To Racing Handicap 8 CLASS 5 3YO+ 6f 6y0

leicesterGood to Soft (Good in Places)

17.55Langham Ladies' Handicap (Lady Amateur Riders) 14 CLASS 5 3YO+ 7f0
18.25British Stallion Studs EBF Novice Stakes (Plus 10) 8 CLASS 4 2YO 7f0
18.55Vis-A-Vis Symposiums Handicap 10 CLASS 5 4YO+ 1m 2f0
19.25NucleusHR Handicap 12 CLASS 6 3YO 1m0
19.55Kings Norton Fillies' Handicap 11 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m0
20.25Cold Overton Handicap 11 CLASS 5 3YO 6f0
20.55Bruntingthorpe Handicap 17 CLASS 6 4YO+ 1m 3f 179y0


13.50Coopers Marquees Handicap 12 CLASS 5 3YO 7f 14y0
14.25Wingate Signs Supporting SuperJosh Novice Median Auction Stakes 8 CLASS 5 2YO 7f 14y0
15.00Betfair Casino Novice Stakes (Plus 10) 6 CLASS 4 2YO 6f0
15.30Sky Sports Racing On Sky 415 Handicap 6 CLASS 5 3YO 1m 4f 98y0
16.05Betfair Exchange Seaton Delaval Handicap 12 CLASS 2 4YO+ 1m0
16.40Phobia Halloween Event Newcastle Racecourse Handicap 13 CLASS 6 3YO+ 1m0
17.10Sky Sports Racing On Virgin 535 Handicap 6 CLASS 4 3YO 5f0


14.10Black Type Accountancy Novice Auction Stakes (Plus 10) 8 CLASS 4 2YO 6f0
14.45Chemtest Environmental Laboratories Handicap 8 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 4f0
15.20TRM 'Excellence In Equine Nutrition' Handicap 8 CLASS 4 3YO 6f0
15.50TRM Kurasyn 360X Maiden Stakes 7 CLASS 4 3YO+ 7f0
16.25TRM Calphormin Handicap 12 CLASS 2 3YO+ 7f0
17.00TRM Kurasyn 'Art Of Movement' Handicap 15 CLASS 4 3YO+ 1m0
17.30TRM Speedxcell Handicap 10 CLASS 4 3YO+ 5f0

nottinghamGood to Soft

14.00MansionBet Median Auction Maiden Stakes 10 CLASS 5 2YO 6f 18y0
14.35MansionBet Handicap 12 CLASS 4 3YO+ 6f 18y0
15.10MansionBet Novice Stakes 8 CLASS 5 3YO+ 1m 2f 50y0
15.40Download The MansionBet App Novice Stakes 9 CLASS 4 3YO+ 1m0
16.15MansionBet Handicap 9 CLASS 5 3YO 1m0
16.50Download The MansionBet App Handicap 11 CLASS 5 4YO+ 5f 8y0
17.20MansionBet 'Hands N Heels' Apprentice Handicap 8 CLASS 5 4YO+ 1m 6f0

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