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The Introduction Of The Virtual Grand NationalPosted on Tuesday 7th April 2020 @ 11.06

Virtual sports has been seen on several betting sites for a couple of years now and tends to cater to a very niche audience.

With the current state of the sporting industry though, many are looking to e-sports and other online sporting events to help provide the thrill that you gain from a live game. But what about the possibility of a virtual Grand National.

In this article, we will be looking into the introduction of the virtual Grand National and how this could change the industry forever.

The Effects Of Covid-19 On World Sport

In these strange times, there have been numerous cancellations in sport, not only in the UK but around the world. This is an issue that has affected millions of people and has cost a gross amount of lost revenue.

From Formula 1 to football and tennis, a number of major sporting events have been cancelled. This comes as no surprise to many however, as Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe.

Despite this ongoing outbreak, however, there are a number of sporting events taking place online. Not only are there live streams of popular console games to join in or spectate, but there is also the ability to enjoy several virtual races and sporting events online.

The ITV Virtual Grand National

Following the cancellation of the grand national sorting event, many horse racing fans were left disappointed. However, with the use of technology developers have been able to generate the first-ever computer-generated Grand National event. This was broadcast on ITV and featured the 40 horses and riders who were most likely to run in the original race. Though for many this wasn't the same as the original race, it still provided the thrill of betting odds on the grand national that would have otherwise been missed in 2020 and over four millions people watched it.

In addition, the organizers state that the simulation of the race using this technology is highly accurate based on the horse's ability. This is ideal for those that put their money on Tiger Roll, as bookies had him down to be a third time back-to-back champion at the race this year.

The Future OF Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing has been around for a number of years now captivating a select audience with its unpredictability and amazing graphics. But with its first appearance on live television, could this be the start of bigger things for the industry.

With many around the world on lockdown at this time, the ability to show live sporting events has proved impossible. This has therefore meant cancellations of events such as the Olympics and Euro 2020. However, with virtual races such as this taking place online at all times, many hope that this will fill the void during this uncertain time.

However, should the mainstream debut of virtual horse racing be a success, we may well see its popularity increase. Should this occur, we could see several virtual horse races, as well as football and tennis matches, being broadcast on television channels.

Though this may not appeal to everyone, this is the perfect opportunity for sports fans to take a break from Netflix and begin to become accustomed to this new way of sports betting. Who knows, as the technology continues to expand, this could be the future of the industry for the remainder of 2020.

With this in mind, the future of sporting events as we know it could be set to change with the implementation of virtual sports on mainstream television, but will it catch on?

Article Posted on Tuesday 7th April 2020 @ 11.06

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