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WHAT IS BTO Plus+?Get a crash course in why BTO Plus+ should
be your new go-to for the best racing data

Learn About BTO Plus+
  • Detailed trainer stats with profit pointers
  • Vital speed figures from latest runs
  • BTO+ ratings from thousands of variables
  • Thousands of races analysed for positive trends
  • Crucial course pace bias statistics
  • Unique pace maps for every race
  • Essential 1-2-3 shortlist for best value betting
With BTO Plus+

A.BTOPlus+ Guides break the mould to provide revolutionary race information for casual and serious punters.

Our BTOPlus+ Race Guides feature:

  • BTOPlus+ Ratings. On average the winner has been found in the top 3 rated horse 60% of the time!
  • Identification of well handicapped horses
  • Identification of horses with faster than class speed ratings
  • Utilisation of sophisticated statistical techniques presented in a graphical form for ease of interpretation
  • Summarised Trainer/Jockey course statistics and trends in an easy to read table
  • Draw Bias and Pace Map for all the runners so you can anticipate how the race could be run
  • Sire Distance and Going preferences
  • BTO Plus+ Rating, Forecast, Speed, VS & Par

  • Pace Style Statistics

  • Well Handicapped Ratings

  • Positive, Negatives & Class Movement (including details)

  • Speed Ratings

  • Past Performance

  • Trend & 14, 28, 56 day statistics

  • Trainer & Jockey, Jockey Course, Trainer Course, Sire Distance, Course & Going

  • Best In Category Ratings

  • Advanced Historical Data Filters

Quick start tips to help you begin using BTOPlus+ racecards

  • Using the "BTOPlus+ rating", note the higher rated and closely rated horses.
  • Using the horse's form string determine which horses perform well given the conditions of todays race.
  • Make a note of horses that are dropping in class, who ran a speed rating faster than class in their last race and those that are well handicapped.
  • Allowing for the draw bias, visualise the running of the race, determine which horses are suited to the draw/pace conditions.
  • Review horse's stable form and jockey form to determine if either are suffering from below par performances.
  • Think chances! From the list of your contenders and using the BTOPlus+ race guide betting forecast, determine which horses are underestimated in the market based on your assessment of the race.
  • Use the race guide to augment your own handicapping factors, systems or processes.

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BTO Plus+ Winners

Yesterday's Top Rated Winners on

Maria Magdalena8/15
So I Told You1/2
Sam Spinner5/4
Sapa Inca7/2
Jan Maat2/1
Jacks Last Hope13/2
Ballyvic Boru11/2
Pepper Bay1/1
Fantasio D'alene8/15
Poeta Brasileiro15/8
Awa Bomba11/10
Maisie Moo10/3
Bond Angel4/1